What is Life Coaching?

Athletes hire coaches to reach their top performance levels.  Similarly, if you want to improve an area of your life that holds higher potential than you are experiencing now, a life coach can help you accomplish that.  I have successfully coached clients in the following areas:

  • simplifying and downsizing lifestyle
  • improving eating and exercise habits
  • creating more joy and creativity
  • overcoming test anxiety
  • learning highly effective study skills to pass licensing exams
  • making important financial decisions
  • clarifying directions in their professional and family life
  • managing anxiety and depression.

How do I work with clients as a coach?

In the initial free session, we discuss the area(s) you wish to work on, how they interface with your most important values, and what kind of support you would like to obtain from me as your coach.  If we both agree on working together, I will guide you through various stages that build upon each other:

a.  clarify goals in achievable and measurable terms

b.  break down each large goal into smaller action steps that make it much easier to succeed

c.  identify obstacles (inner and outer) that get in your way and how to overcome them

d.  discover motivational tools that assist you in your progress towards your goals.

As your coach, I will guide you by asking questions that will help you access and mobilize your own inner resources more deeply than you would on your own.  Throughout the coaching process, I will hold you accountable (with compassionate firmness) for the commitments you make to yourself.

If you would like individualized coaching with me, several options with different price points are available.  Contact me for rates.

Group Rate available.  This  requires a minimum of 3 participants per group and can be arranged according to your small group needs.

Please note:    Meaningful and long-lasting behavioral change takes time to establish and maintain.  An initial contract for a minimum 3-month period of coaching is requested. Following this 3-month period, the coaching contract can be renewed on a monthly basis, by mutual agreement.

Payment by Paypal, at the beginning of each month.

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