Emerald Mountain Sanctuary is a protected place for animals, plants, and people. Our 58-acre property is sacred space: a cathedral of green tree tops overhead, a soft carpet of grasses, wildflowers, and mosses to walk and lie on, the eternal symphony of birds and insects, wind rustling through leaves; the hay scent of grasses warmed in the summer sun, the honest smell of forest soil after a spring rain, the perfumes of locust blossom, honey suckle, and wild rose that mark the seasons.


Our conference center can accommodate up to 20 people for a lecture-style setup (chairs only) or up to 15 people for workshop space (tables and chairs). We can provide newsprint with easel and a powerpoint projector.


A campground for close-to-nature accommodations is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2019. Simple cottages for individuals, couples, or a small family are scheduled for completion in 2021. Other over-night accommodations can be arranged at nearby lodging facilities.

We are located in Highland County, Virginia, near the town of Monterey, only a one-hour drive from Staunton, two hours from either Roanoke or Charlottesville, three hours from Richmond, four hours from Northern Virginia/Washington, DC.

Leave your busy life behind, give yourself unhurried time to come back to Nature and back to your Self. Here you can breathe, rest, wander, dream, play, recuperate, de-stress, envision, find yourself again, and feel the heartbeat of the earth.

rockwall-and-fall-colorsWhat is it like to be at Emerald Mountain Sanctuary and what might you experience?

Hear the sound of wind in the grasses and leaves; hum and buzz of insects (including honey bees from our own bee house), the distant sound of the Jackson River in the valley below, spring peepers, katydids, frogs, howling coyotes, lowing of cows grazing in the pastures by the river. From the end of April until the end of August, we often hear the whippoorwill call at night.

Watch abundant wildlife: deer, rabbit, fox, coyote, bear, raccoon, opossum, ground hog, insects, a large variety of song birds (robin, meadowlark, woodpeckers, cuckoo, killdeer, mockingbird) as well as hawk, kestrel, and bald eagle. Delight in hummingbirds and their antics at the feeder.


Find wild flowers including edible and medicinal wild plants as you explore the trails leading through the meadows and forest. There are two small ponds alive with dragonflies, damselflies, and frogs.


The woods welcome you with their cool shade, the open fields allow you to bathe in sunlight and breathe in fresh mountain air.

Our well water is very tasty, unadulterated by chemicals.  Our organic gardens are a delight of colors and scents as flowers, herbs, berries, and vegetables thrive through the seasons. Even in winter, we grow greens in our small, unheated greenhouse.


A protected garden room offers rest and privacy in a delightful space where you can sit and daydream, journal, or chat undisturbed with another visitor. You will find sitting spaces all around the property that invite you to enjoy the views and sounds around you.


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