Backyard Foraging:

 A Guided Walk through the gardens, meadows and woodlands at Emerald Mountain Sanctuary, Highland County, Virginia.

 Discover the abundance of edible and medicinal plants that grow in the lush bio-diverse region of the Virginia Western Highlands.

We begin by exploring edible weeds in the gardens, then meander through the picturesque fields, hedgerows, and forest edges.  We will identify edible wildflowers, berries, nuts, greens, leaves, and barks.

You will learn about ethical foraging ground rules and plants that should never be picked because they are endangered or poisonous to humans.

At the end of your walk, enjoy a sample of the many drinks and dishes that can be prepared with foraged foods.

For 2023 Foraging Classes, check here.

This tour can also be arranged on your own property if you want to learn more about edible plants on your land.  If desired, this can include actual preparation of the food we find.  Free, foraged foods can be used to make your own beverages, jams, salads, baked goods, entrees and side dishes, herbs and spices, and medicinal salves and tinctures!

Morning or afternoon tours are available.  Choose either a 2 or 3-hour walk.

Kindly give at least 48 hr notice.  Call or text:  540-227-4538 or e-mail:

Costs for a two-hour guided tour:

$100  (up to 2 individuals);  $45 per person (3 or more)

Costs for a three-hour guided tour:

$150 (up to 2 individuals);  $65 per person (3 or more)

Wear sturdy walking shoes, long pants, and insect protection.