Annette Naber, Ph.D.

Originally from Germany, Annette has lived in the US for over 40 years and has traveled extensively. After retiring from a career as a clinical psychologist in the Washington DC area, she now offers life coaching, workshops and retreats. Tending to organic gardens on her farm she continues to study traditional ways of growing and preparing foods, using natural materials in creating products and living spaces that are both beautiful and functional, using plants for cosmetic, medicinal, and culinary purposes, and applying permaculture principles to create a more sustainable way of life. Her interest and experience in holistic living are inevitably interwoven with all of her services.
Annette is also a photographer and writer. Many of her photographs and photo essays are featured on her blog Beauty Along the Road  as well as the blog on this website.

Annette and Dan Kauffman

Annette and her husband Dan started dreaming about life in the country over 15 years ago.  Together, they designed and built a solar-powered, energy-efficient home and the edible landscape and organic gardens on their 58-acre property.  Dan is an avid motorcyclist and leads guided motorcycle tours through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.  He has been a student of yoga, qigong and other movement modalities for many decades.  He teaches his own unique fusion of these healing movements and offers individual healing sessions to help people regain the pleasure of pain-free, functional movement.  Dan is retired from a crane and rigging family business in the DC area, which he revived into a thriving business.  Through his business background, Dan has developed a “clear visioning” process which helps individuals and small businesses clarify their vision, mission, and action steps for new endeavors.

Emerald Mountain Sanctuary


Emerald Mountain Sanctuary  consists of 58-acres of pastures, forest, and a few small ponds. Hiking paths and sitting areas for wildlife observation and nature contemplation are spread across the entire property.

Our conference center can accommodate up to 15 people for a lecture-style setup (chairs only) or up to 12 people for workshop space (tables and chairs).

A campground for close-to-nature accommodations opens in May 2022.  A one-room cottage with a queen bed and kitchenette is also available.

We are located in Highland County, Virginia, near the town of Monterey,  only a one-hour drive from Staunton, two hours from either Roanoke or Charlottesville, three hours from Richmond, four hours from Northern Virginia/Washington, DC.

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