“I learned more than I expected to. I had forgotten how deliberate reflection could feed my soul. I’d forgotten the company of good, strong women, in a soft structure like Annette provided, could be so invigorating. With Annette’s tender coaching, I left with a concrete sense of where I wanted to go next. I could not have made my goals that clear without the tools she provided. And they were simple tools — nothing complicated or obtuse. Annette gave us down-to-earth, practical ways to loosen up, think quietly, and get in touch with ourselves.”

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Anna L., Virginia

“Dr. Naber – you reminded me of all the wonderful and beautiful ways I can be working on my own unhealed issues. I’m so energized to be investing in my own self-exploration and healing so that I can be in the healthiest and most aware place in my relationships and work with others.”

Jenna B., Maryland